I'm looking for a property manager

We believe there are three key considerations when deciding on the right Property Manager

  1. Their ability to work with you and your tenants to protect your investment
  2. Their ability to maximise your rental return
  3. Their knowledge and experience to make informed decisions on your behalf

That’s it! Pretty simple really.

Our motto is “for a better Property Manager”

We can and will do EVERYTHING our competitors do, but at Distinct we go that extra mile.  It’s why Distinct won the 2015 Real Estate Institute National Innovation Award!

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As Property Managers we offer the following:

  • 7.7% Management Fee (incl GST)
  • Open Homes conducted 6 days per week and carried out by a dedicated Leasing Consultant
  • Regular inspections conducted with reports available online (including photos). Reports include:
    • Hazard identification
    • High wear and tear identification
    • Preventative maintenance recommendations
  • High quality, low cost maintenance and repairs through our preferred trades and suppliers
  • 30 days notice to cancel management
  • Zero tolerance rental arrears policy
  • Comprehensive employment and rental history checks on prospective tenants

And this is why we are better

  • Distinct is 100% focused on Property Management, we don’t do sales.
  • A low 9 day average lost rent when letting vacant properties
  • Over 36,500 tenant enquiries in the past 12 months
  • FREE professional photography on all listings
  • 86% of our tenants say Distinct’s quality of service is better than any other Agency they have previously rented through1
  • Distinct has average rental arrears of less than 1%
  • Distinct will only ever engage experienced Property Managers to look after your investment

1: Distinct 2015 Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Large Property Management Company of the Year
Leading Property Managers Association
National Innovation Award
Real Estate Institute of Australia
National Innovation Award
Real Estate Institute of the ACT

Better for Properties

At Distinct our experience has proven that when tenants, owners and Property Managers work together properties are better maintained, require less maintenance and maintain a better appearance over a longer period of time.

We’ve also demonstrated that happy tenants will take better care of a property, report maintenance as needed and will continue their tenancy for longer.

A better Property Manager for you, a better Property Manager for your tenants and a better Property Manager for your property.

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