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About Distinct Property Management

Distinct is a licensed Real Estate Agency specialising only in Property Management.
We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability and value for money.
Distinct is a multi-award winning, family owned Real Estate Agency based in Canberra.

The Distinct Story

Chris and Brooke Scullin owned an investment property in Watson and had spent a lot of time meeting with and assessing Property Managers to take care of their property for them.

Unfortunately, not a single Property Manager could satisfactorily answer the following questions:

How will we know if our tenants are happy with the service they are receiving from your agency?
How will we know if the maintenance our tenants report is being passed on to us in a timely manner?
How can we find out (without calling your office) where our rent is paid up to and what bills you have paid for us?

All the responses centered around how professional and experienced the team was, and on this basis Chris and Brooke needed to trust that the Property Manager would do their job. It became apparent that despite every assurance, there was no way for Property Managers to truly be transparent and accountable.

Chris and Brooke decided to self-manage their investment property and were reasonably comfortable in doing so as Brooke had 7 years experience in Property Management at the time and Chris had an extensive background in IT Management.

Nevertheless, it was clear there was a gap in the market that wasn’t being filled.

Chris and Brooke secured fabulous tenants for their property. On the second routine inspection the tenants asked why Chris and Brooke chose to self-manage and a conversation ensued about the virtues (or lack thereof) of Property Managers.

The conversation turned into a BBQ and more than a few beers later Chris and Brooke and their tenants had devised a cunning plan to change Property Management forever! That plan was Distinct Property Management.

You see, one of Chris and Brooke’s tenants was an IT Geek and web developer. Chris Cook and his business partner, Patrick Kenneally teamed up with Chris and Brooke and in October 2010 Distinct Property Management Pty Limited was registered.

Two years of development work ensued, and in March 2012 Distinct was launched to the public.

So, really – Distinct was about a group of people with the right skills, experience and a collective passion to change the industry, coming together in fortuitous circumstances. That, and a whole lot of beer and wine.

A proud member of Leading Property Managers of Australia


We don’t like to brag, but we’re changing the game

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Leading the way in Property Management and Real Estate services our team thrive on connecting great tenants with pro-active landlords.

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