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About Distinct Property Management

  • Distinct is a licensed Real Estate Agency specialising only in Property Management.
  • We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability and value for money.
  • Distinct is a multi-award winning, family owned Real Estate Agency based in Canberra.

Distinct is licensed in the ACT and NSW and now manages properties across almost every suburb in the ACT. Wherever your property is located, we’re already managing another property nearby!

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Here are just some of the properties under management by Distinct across Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Distinct was launched to bring transparency and accountability to the Property Management industry, using technology as an enabler for this.


Our Awards

  • 2015 National Innovation Award
  • 2014 Innovation Award



  • Property Manager of the Year
  • Corporate Support Person
  • Small Agency of the Year


  • Property Manager of the Year
  • Small Agency of the Year

The Distinct Story

Chris and Brooke Scullin owned an investment property in Watson and had spent a lot of time meeting with and assessing Property Managers to take care of their property for them.

Unfortunately, not a single Property Manager could satisfactorily answer the following questions:

  1. How will we know if our tenants are happy with the service they are receiving from your agency?
  2. How will we know if the maintenance our tenants report is being passed on to us in a timely manner?
  3. How can we find out (without calling your office) where our rent is paid up to and what bills you have paid for us?

All the responses centered around how professional and experienced the team was, and on this basis Chris and Brooke needed to trust that the Property Manager would do their job. It became apparent that despite every assurance, there was no way for Property Managers to truly be transparent and accountable.

Chris and Brooke decided to self-manage their investment property and were reasonably comfortable in doing so as Brooke had 7 years experience in Property Management at the time and Chris had an extensive background in IT Management.

Nevertheless, it was clear there was a gap in the market that wasn’t being filled.

Chris and Brooke secured fabulous tenants for their property. On the second routine inspection the tenants asked why Chris and Brooke chose to self-manage and a conversation ensued about the virtues (or lack thereof) of Property Managers.

The conversation turned into a BBQ and more than a few beers later Chris and Brooke and their tenants had devised a cunning plan to change Property Management forever! That plan was Distinct Property Management and our online system.

You see, one of Chris and Brooke’s tenants was an IT Geek and web developer. Chris Cook and his business partner, Patrick Kenneally teamed up with Chris and Brooke and in October 2010 Distinct Property Management Pty Limited was registered.

Two years of development work ensued, and in March 2012 Distinct was launched to the public.

So, really – Distinct was about a group of people with the right skills, experience and a collective passion to change the industry, coming together in fortuitous circumstances. That, and a whole lot of beer and wine.

Distinct was launched in a home office in Bonner with Brooke as the Principal Licensee, Property Manager, Chief Photocopier, Receptionist and Cleaner. Chris and Brooke’s kids were annoyed at being moved into a shared bedroom, but they soon got over that. Distinct hired its first staff member after 9 months of trading in 2013.

Over the next 12 months Distinct grew at a rapid pace and it quickly became apparent that commercial office space was needed. In February 2013 Distinct moved to its current location in Fyshwick and has now grown to a full-time staff of 5 and two part-time support staff.

In 2014 Distinct sponsored the Canberra FM promotional vehicle, Black Thunder in order to get its brand visible across the Canberra and Queanbeyan region.

Distinct is now the largest boutique Real Estate Agency specialising in Property Management in Canberra.

The people who will be looking after you

Brooke Scullin

Principal Licensee & Property Manager

Brooke is Distinct’s Principal Licensee and one of three Portfolio Managers. Brooke has been involved in the real estate industry for more than 13 years, with more than 10 years being exclusively in Property Management. According to Brooke, it is the “thrill of the chase” that she enjoys most about working in the industry.

Brooke says, “I love being a part of the whole rental experience, from meeting the owners for the first time and helping them through the rental process to conducting the final inspection with them. Every step in this process is different for every client and that’s what makes our job so much fun and so interesting.”

Brooke has worked extensively in the Canberra market across both the public and private sectors and has managed a large property portfolio during this time. Brooke balances running a business, managing a portfolio and caring for her three children (and husband). Brooke is licensed in the ACT and in NSW and is recently co-founded the ACT Property Management Chapter with Wisdom Learning. This group is specifically to encourage sharing and learning across the property management industry in Canberra.

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Amanda King

Licensed Real Estate Agent & Portfolio Manager

Amanda is an experienced Portfolio Manager and integral part of the team at Distinct. Amanda and has a proven track record of providing high quality and professional service to both landlords and tenants. Amanda started her career in Real Estate in 2006 completing a 12 month traineeship with one of Canberra's prestige agencies.

Amanda has managed and maintained portfolios all over Canberra and Queanbeyan. Working with some of Canberra’s best and brightest Real Estate professionals, Amanda has completed her advanced diploma in Real Estate Services and is a fully licensed Real Estate Agent. Amanda enjoys time outdoors with her family and regularly takes part in fun runs in and around Canberra.

Amanda is an approachable person, always willing to provide help and assistance to her clients. Her level of knowledge due to her years of experience is second to none.

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Kirsty Bohane

Portfolio Manager

Kirsty has more than five years experience as a Senior Property Manager working across the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Kirsty manages Distinct’s largest Portfolio and won Luton Property Manager of the Year in 2016 whilst working at Luton’s.

Distinct specifically sought out Kirsty to join the team because of her outstanding reputation. Kirsty’s highly organised and systematic approach and focus on quality outcomes means her owners can be confident that their property is in excellent hands and that they are being looked after by one of Canberra’s best. Kirsty has been based in South Canberra and has extensive local area knowledge.

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Leonie Baumer

Associate Property Manager

Leonie is an Associate Property Manager with Distinct and works in consultation with the Portfolio Managers to ensure the smooth operation of each and every tenancy in place. Leonie is responsible for conducting regular routine inspections where she will identify preventative maintenance and any potential tenancy issues and bring these to the owners attention. Leonie also attends to maintenance enquiries received.

Leonie joined Distinct in February 2016 and has taken to Property Management like a duck to water. Prior to joining Distinct Leonie was a primary school teacher. Leonie is passionate about the NFL.

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Rianah Brown-Hrstic

Associate Property Manager

Rianah is an Associate Property Manager with Distinct and works in consultation with the Portfolio Managers to ensure the smooth operation of each and every tenancy in place. Rianah is responsible for conducting regular routine inspection where she will identify preventative maintenance and any potential tenancy issues and bring these to the owners attention. Rianah also attends to maintenance enquiries received.

Rianah joined Distinct following a career in retail and has a strong focus on providing excellence in customer service.

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Danielle Cole

Leasing Consultant

Danielle is a Leasing Consultant with Distinct and her primary focus is on letting properties as quickly as possible whilst securing the highest quality tenants. Having managed a successful retail store in a large shopping centre for many years, Dani decided it was time to follow her long held passion for Real Estate. Dani enjoys building relationships and firmly believes you can learn something from everyone that you meet, this helps to make Dani one of the most open minded and understanding people we have come across.

Since joining Distinct Danielle has been able to reduce our average time to let a property to less than 9 days where the Canberra market average is more than 25 days (according to Allhomes).

Dani is a high achiever by nature, after representing the state in swimming herself, Dani is now proudly enjoying watching her own children achieve highly in their chosen sports, including BMX riding and Rugby League Football.

Dani loves nothing more than sitting down with her husband, children and her beautiful dog Milly, to watch an NRL football game. She is a Bulldogs supporter, but we don’t have that against her...

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Chelsey Lanyon

Office Administrator

Chelsey is the Distinct Office Administrator and ensures everything runs like clockwork. Chelsey liaises with Strata Managers, oversees the accounts process and works tirelessly to ensure the Distinct business processes are seamless and efficient. According to Chelsey, Distinct “provides a more personal form of property management”. Chelsey is our Director of First Impressions and is probably the most organized person in the entire Universe. Chelsey came to Distinct following a career with a large online retailer where she honed her administrative skills.

02 6140 5900

Chris Scullin

Managing Director

0407 779 411

Chris Cook

Director & System developer


Patrick Kenneally

System developer