Distinct Property Management is a Licensed Real Estate Agency in NSW and ACT specialising in Property Management. We are dedicated to offering exceptional customer service, transparency, accountability and value for money.

We’ve changed property management, for good.

Distinct offer a comprehensive property management solution tailored to ensure the highest possible rental return and the best ongoing protection of your investment.

  • 7.3% Management Fee (inc GST)
  • Open Houses conducted from 8am to 5pm 6 days per week
  • Regular inspections conducted with reports available online (including photos)
    • Reports include hazard identification
    • High wear and tear identification
    • Preventative maintenance recommendations
  • Online Owners Portal where you can view
    • Financial Statements (updated daily)
    • Lease Documents
    • Inspection & Condition Reports
    • Correspondence between your property manager and Tenants
    • Maintenance
    • Rental History
  • High quality, low cost maintenance and repairs through our preferred trades
  • 30 days notice required to cancel management at any time
  • Zero tolerance rental arrears policy
  • Comprehensive employment and rental history checks for tenancy applicants
  • 1800 number Tenants and Owner advice service
  • Canberra’s most flexible, transparent and accountable Property Managers

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Distinct Property Management’s regular management fee is 7.3% inclusive of GST. Typical Property Management fees in Canberra range from 8% anywhere up to 15%, yet in other states it is much closer to 7% inclusive of GST. Why pay more simply because your property is in Canberra?

The Property Management Fee you sign up at with Distinct will be your set fee for the life of the management of your property, so long as it remains under management with Distinct.

Distinct will only charge you a letting fee when we actually let your property, unlike other Agents who charge a letting fee each time the lease is renewed. Whilst your tenants remain the same you won’t pay a weeks rent as a reletting fee.

Distinct also believe in a user pays system. If you have a well maintained property with no issues and great tenants why should your fees be the same as an owner who won’t maintain their property and has constant tenant turnover as a result?

Distinct is able to provide our comprehensive Property Management services at this price because our systems and processes are designed to be as efficient and effective as possible so we can pass on the savings to you. For further details please see our full schedule of fees.

Find GREAT Tenants FAST

Distinct is focussed on finding Tenants for your property FAST. We can advertise your property on high profile rental property websites. Only licensed Real Estate Agents can advertise on most of these sites. Distinct, as your Agent, gives you access to the largest pool of prospective tenants. You select which sites you want to list on and we take care of the rest. Additional fees apply for some website listings.

In order to ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect Tenant, Distinct hold open houses anywhere between 8am and 6pm Monday to Saturday to maximise the time available for people who find it difficult to get away from work to view your property. This is great for attracting corporate or executive level tenants and is unique to Distinct.

Distinct’s tenancy application process is comprehensive. We conduct full employment and rental history checks (including requesting copies of rental payment histories from Agents) to weed out any high risk tenants. We also check applicants names against a national tenancy database. We believe spending more time up front selecting the right tenants prevents issues occurring down the track.

Owners Portal

View the current status of your property portfolio at a glance through the Distinct Owners Portal. The portal will change the status of a property between green, amber and red if there are matters requiring your attention. You can also view and post messages for/from tenants.

Find all the information relating to your property in one place including rental history, maintenance, correspondence with tenants, financial reporting, inspection reports and lease documentation (Lease, Bond, Condition Report).

The owners portal is highly secure to ensure your data and information is protected at all times.

Financial Reporting

Unlike most Real Estate Agencies, you won’t have to wait until the end of the month to have your statement posted or emailed to you. Through the Distinct Owners Portal you can login anytime and view your Statements.

Bringing even more accountability to the table you can view your current months statement at any time to see if/when rent has been paid and what expenses have been incurred for that month on a daily basis along with an estimated disbursement which is confirmed on the last day of each month.

Distinct maintain copies of all invoices paid and payments made/received on your behalf and make this accessible to view anytime through the owners portal.

Annual statements are also available after 15th July each year and can be provided straight to your Accountant or Financial Advisor.

Online Maintenance Tracking

Maintenance issues can be logged by Tenants, Owners or Distinct and are managed by Distinct using the Online Maintenance Tracking system which is accessible through the Distinct Owners Portal. Owners and Tenants can view all maintenance issues, including their current status, any action taken and any notes entered by Distinct. This system ensures owners and tenants are aware of the status of any maintenance issue at any point in time.

The system provides guidance to Tenants in regard to emergency repairs, defining what constitutes and emergency repair and what the approved repair limits are. Distinct maintains a list of approved, qualified high quality tradespersons for use in emergency repairs. Owners can also nominate preferred trades for tenants to use for urgent repairs in addition to the Distinct preferred trades.

Advice and Support

The Distinct Owners Portal also includes a comprehensive help system which provides guidance on all matters relating to the ongoing management of your investment property. The ‘help’ system contains the answers to over 1,000 common and complex questions on managing investment properties. This is a fantastic resource for owners who are less familiar with the legislation.

Whilst your Property Manager will always take care of every aspect of the management of your property we believe in educating our owners and keeping them informed. The help system allows owners to conduct their own research and to learn more about the management of their property if they are interested in doing this.

Distinct supports all of our Owners and Tenants through a 1800 number that is available during normal business hours (9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday). This 1800 is handy if an owner wants to know more about their rights, processes, procedures etc.


Distinct believe in transparency and in support of this we enable Tenants and Owners to post online messages to each other via the Distinct Owners Portal. At no time are the Tenants made aware of the Owners identity and the personal information of all parties is suppressed. This is simply an avenue for Tenants to raise issues/concerns with owners about the property or the services being provided by Distinct.

Distinct is the only Real Estate Agency to offer this unique service. We can’t imagine our competitors agreeing to be this transparent and accountable on the services they are offering.

A full history of all correspondence is recorded and maintained in the system (similar to an email system). We have found that a large number of problems and requests that typically become big issues for tenants are resolved simply by knowing the owner has access to view and respond to any messages.

Messages posted by Tenants and Owners can also be viewed by Distinct so we can intervene where required. As with email, neither party is required to respond, sometimes this is just a useful way to ask questions about the property (e.g., how does the pool filter work) without having to go through the Property Manager and wait three weeks for a response.

Rent Management

Distinct is a Licenced Real Estate Agency in the ACT and NSW and as such is permitted to collect rent into Trust on an owners behalf, process accounts and disperse what remains to an owners nominated bank account each month.

Rental reminder are sent by SMS to Tenants two days before rent is due and again on the day it falls due to ensure they don’t simply forget to pay and that they are able to check and confirm sufficient funds are in their account.

Distinct’s preferred method or rental payment is by direct debit arrangements, however we also allow for direct deposit at any St George Bank or by electronic funds transfer. Distinct will only accept a cash payment for rent for the first payment on a new lease. This process is in place to ensure the safety of our staff and to limit any potential risks or loss or theft of rental payments received.

Distinct report on rental arrears on a daily basis and has a zero tolerance policy for late rent. This means if a tenant is late with their rent (as defined by the legislation) a notice to remedy will be issued. This ensures that if the tenants do fall into arrears and do not resolve the arrears that Distinct can take action without delay.

A full rental history, showing all payments made by the Tenants can be viewed at any time through the Distinct Owners Portal.

In Fairness to ALL

Distinct firmly believe that if you have a well maintained property with great tenants that requires only limited management on an ongoing basis that you should receive the full benefit of this.

The current model used by most Real Estate Agents is everyone pays the same fees regardless of the situation and circumstances. This didn’t make sense to us. It basically means that 80% of property owners are paying for services provided to the other 20% of properties that more than likely don’t deserve it.

To counter this Distinct charge a very low monthly management fee that is paid by all of our owners. This covers the standard and expected management services including appraisals, listing, advertising, open houses, inspections, lease renewals, general administration, rent/ bond management and accounts processing.

What we don’t charge everyone for is the management of maintenance, condition reports and letting of the property. We only charge fees to those Owners who use these services. So if you bring a property to Distinct and it is already tenanted you won’t pay a letting fee. If you prefer to attend to maintenance yourself then you won’t pay maintenance fees. If you already have a condition report or would prefer to provide us one then we won’t charge you for that either.

Too often we hear stories about owners attending to things like maintenance, coordinating tradespeople and attending the property multiple times for this purpose yet their Agent is still getting paid for all of this.

Under our model, owners with well-maintained properties and good tenants won’t be paying much more than the standard management fees whereas owners with poorly maintained properties with high tenant turnover will pay more. We think this is a fair model based on user pays principals.